11pcs/set Comprehensive Fitness Resistance Pull Rope

Our fitness resistance pull rope can be used alone or stacked in any combination of intensity from 10 lbs to 100 lbs. The band set is designed with a metal ring, which is more convenient to link with the handle. You can customize your upper body and lower body workouts to meet your training goals.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, these resistance bands can meet your needs well. The variety of resistances and multi-clip system allow you to adjust the intensity of your resistance band workouts to suit your personal goals.

5 Resistance Bands:

It features 5 different resistance bands set. All exercise bands are can be used alone stacked in any combination to a maximum equivalent of 100 lbs.

Abundant Accessories:

It features different color exercise bands, door anchor, user manual, detachable foam handles, 2-foot ankle straps, band guard, portable carry bag. its made from eco-friendly material, making it safe for everyday use.

Personal Home Gym:

You can use the resistance bands with ankle straps and door attachment to exercise while you everywhere. Whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete, you can find the suitable intensity of your workout.

High-Quality Material:

Our resistance tube bands are made of 100% natural latex, which is durable and odorless and will not dry out, snap, or deform. Exercise bands can still be elastic after a long time, bring you a quality product.

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