Men & Women's Sports 3D GEL Padded Anti-Slip Gloves

Our weight lifting gloves for women & men features an anti-slip silica gel grip and padded workout gloves with wrist wraps support for weightlifting, cross training, gym, fitness, and bodybuilding. This makes your life easier when it comes to working out or lifting something big.

With extra finger tabs design, these gloves offer more convenience and comfort during your workout! This weight lifting gloves with mesh cloth has strong performance of permeability and comfortability and ensures tightness adjustment during workout.

SPORTS GLOVES: It suitable for casual biking or professional cycling, gym workout, fitness, weight-lifting, bodybuilding training, road bike, mountain bike, windsurfing, motorcycle, hiking and so on.

FIRM GRIP AND COMFORTABLE: It is made from high quality materials which protect your hands from calluses and sprain, increases the friction between the gloves and the palms during exercises to prevent palm’s calluses caused by sliding.

ANTI-VIBRATION AND DURABLE: The gel pad at palm part enable shock absorption, and ensures pain and fatigue relieving, thereby, guaranteeing men or women bicycler riders more relaxed experience.

SWEAT-ABSORBENT: It features the terry fabric on back of thumb to help wipe sweat easily.

100% SAFE: Our weight lifting gloves for men and women are made from high quality and eco-friendly material, making it safe for everyday use.

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