Pull Rope Elastic Resistance Bands Fitness Equipment

It’s time to take your workout to the next level with our affordable but effective resistance bands. Our pull up bands offer a complete mobile fitness training platform that stretch, strengthen and stabilize your body and help you perform at peak times.

It is designed for aerobic and anaerobic exercise, physical fitness and weight loss. It can also be used in conjunction with weights and other fitness equipment to effectively build muscle, strength, and tone the body.

HEALTHY LIFE: You can perform body movements such as strength, flexibility, stretching, etc. at any time and place. It is an indoor fitness equipment with high degree of freedom. The stretching process can effectively relieve stress, release fatigue and relax.

PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS: Each band is different in colors and resistance levels. You can adjust the tension intensity to achieve personal goals by applying a single band or combining multiple bands, perfect for beginners or professionals, men, women, teen or children.

MULTI - FUNCTION: Great for arms, Belly, Body, Comprehensive Fitness Exercise. Can also be used in conjunction with weights and other fitness equipment.

MATERIAL: Bands (resistance tubes) are made of professional quality natural rubber latex; Strong cushioned foam; zinc alloy.

SAFE FOR USE: Our women’s fashion elastic bands are made from high quality and ecofriendly material, making it safe for everyday use. 

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